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About Homeopathy

The potency of a homeopathic

  • Safe

    It stimulates the body’s own protection mechanism and healing powers. They do not have any chemical action, does not cause any persistent damage.

  • Effective

    It is the only system of medicine which offers healing treatment (not palliative) to a large number of chronic ailments which is labeled as ‘incurable’.

  • Easy to manage

    They are generally dispensed as sweet sugar pills. Due to this, people readily agree to take homeopathic remedies.

  • Affordable

    Homeopathic medicines are usually much cheaper than comparable allopathic and ayurvedic drugs.

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Pondicherry Homeo Learning Forum

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What is Homeopathy ?

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Homeopathy is not a conceivable system of treatment, as its views about how drugs, illness, the human body, liquids and solutions operate are challenged. Homeopathic remedy, also called homeopathic, is a system of medicine based on three principles: Like cures like, Minimal Dose & the Single Remedy.

This website helps you to learn different Homeopathy courses based on individuals interest, experience and their need.

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Why Pondicherry Learning Forum

What is PHLF?

It is a place to study the basic, complete and advanced homeopathy course by certifying high standards in the education, training and practice of homeopathy by our Dr. Thirumeni. He is providing high-quality homeopathic care in a medical environment.


To graduate knowledgeable, capable homeopaths and fresher to successfully provide the benefits of an excellent homeopathic education through residential or non-residential course anywhere in Pondicherry who want to study classical homeopathy.


To teach the natural homeopathic course to a large number of people in the world within short period of time and to boost the confidence level of the participants and make them to handle the Homeo Medicines by themselves.

Specialty of our Course

We provide lunch with organic food accompanied by fruits & Vegetables for basic course and 3rd day residential course is entirely based on natural ambience like walking during Morning & Evening in nature surrounded area, organic food etc.