Dr. Thirumeni

"CURE IS SURE IF FAITH IS PURE" is the maxim Dr. GK Thirumeny relies on.

Dr. G.K.Thirumeny was born on 27th December, 1965. He is originated from Karaikal and domiciled at Pondicherry.

His parents were Smt. Kannammal and Sri. K Govindasamy, popularly known as K.G.Samy in World Community service Center and unique disciple of Vethathiri Maharishi.


After the completion of two decades of his service with the Indian Air Force (IAF), he started practicing Homoeopathy for the sake of his daughter’s health. Now, for more than two decades he has been practicing Homoeopathy.

In order to emphasize Homeopathy, he wants every family to have a first-aid kit of homoeopathic medicines which will be of great use in times of need to overcome the day to day health issues, thereby avoiding the usage of modern medicines and side effects caused by them. He always rephrases the word Treatment for illness to Life style correction.

He has sound records of successful treatment for acute and chronic illness. Treatment journey has renal disorders, Pediatric problems, Liver & Gall Bladder disorders, Arthritis, Hematides impotency and Gynecology problems.

He is not only a Homoeopath, but also a hard core researcher. He promotes Homeopathy and other Alternative Medicines as well.

His maiden book “VIDHAYAI HOMOEOPATHY” in Tamil and HOMEOWIN in English are compilation of more than 300 basic homoeopathic medicines.

By his efficient method of teaching about medicines, the demand for conducting classes has now spread its wings globally. He has also conducted overseas courses on Basic Homeopathy in Malaysia, and in other countries on demand.

Dr. G.K.Thirumeny serves as an online consultant of health websites called www.Healthkon.com and his own website www.Homeowin.com


Views of Dr. Thirumeni

Motto of Dr. Thirumeni

To create awareness about our traditional medical system of Homeopathy followed by our ancestors who were prepared by various herbs and spices used in our daily life.

As a Founder

Dr. G.K.Thirumeny is the founder of Pondicherry Homeo Learning Forum PHLF, to take Homeopathy to the hands of a common man. This learning forum also educates the members, regarding all types of health issues and topics in all pattern of medicine.

About treaments & team

Excellent treatment is available for several acute and chronic ailments such as Renal disorders, Gall bladder disorders, Liver disorders, Pediatric problems, Arthritis, Cardiac problems, Skin disorders, Male and Female Infertility and all types of Gynecological problems.

Our faculty members are well trained and experienced professionals from Homepathy background. We made our modest beginning with a team of expert homeopathy doctors in Pondicherry who are committed to spread the gentleness and ability of homeopathy in treating various ever growing and difficult ailments.