Basic Homeopathy Complete Course - A

Basic Homeopathy Complete Course - A


Learning Homeopathy through our courses will expertise you in the field of homeopathy with complete understanding of medical procedures and practices, though we presenting different type of homeo courses, learning about medicines and treatment for humans is a important practice in homeo. Pondicherry Homeo Learning Forum enables you to gain complete knowledge predominantly in homeopathy medicines. Our courses are unique and globally one of the best. Our course will teach you step by step learning of homeopathic treatment. You can learn homeopathy through our regular courses in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, India. Homeo courses of Pondicherry Homeo Learning Forum are tailor made for overseas students from United States, Cananda, Australia, Singapore and Europe.

Our syllabus is well planned and fabricated by senior most practitioners in the medical system of homeopathy. Our classes are of constructive type with plenty of practical sessions and framed to suit personalities from all over the world. Citizens of European countries like Germany, France and American countries are keen to study in PHLF India. We have multiple study structures in each course, without affecting the syllabus. For example a group of students from Australia or Malaysia can study in our Indian classes coordinated with their Indian tour (holiday trip) so that they can know about India’s unrivalled culture and nature.

Specialty of our Course

Friendly approach is provided towards every participant. We make them to be at ease and clarify the doubts regarding this field. Make them to know the difference of efficiency of this Homeopathy with conventional Medical System. We boost the confidence level of the participants and make them handle the Homeo Medicines by themselves.

Any one who is having keep interest to learn Homeopathy can join our course. No previous experience or qualification is required. Only thing is, you should have a high school reading level and knowledge of understanding.

This course is conducted by Dr. Thirumeni, who is well experienced in this field more than two decades, with treating patients as well as handling excellent sessions. He’s too friendly in treating and teaching and boosts lots and lots of positive energy to the participants. Our motto is to spread Homeopathy among the people.

Definitely this course will take you to the next level of learning and make you to reach top notch in your life.

Come; join hands with us to create a better and healthy future of yourself, your family and our society.

Course Details

  • Introduction to Homeopathy
  • How doe Homeopathy differ from conventional medicine?
  • What are the aliments treated by Homeopathy?
  • Are Homeo medicines safe?
  • How should be Homeo medicines handled & preserved?
  • How the medicines are selected for the need of the patient?
  • Concept of general health
  • Sources of Homeo medicines
  • How are Homeo medicines prepared?
  • What are Homeopathic potencies?
  • How do Homeo medicines work?
  • How to handle patients?
  • Friendly handling of each medicine
  • How to remember each medicine easily?
  • How to treat aliments easily?

Course Details

  • Basic 7 easy concept of understanding each organ of the human body in Homeopathic view
  • How to keep our organs healthy?
  • Symptoms based diagnosis
  • How to practice practically?
  • Application of Homeo medicines
  • Acute & chronic conditions
  • Description of Basic medicines
  • Explanation on Miasms & its symptoms
  • Diseases based on Miasms
  • Combination of Homeo medicines
  • How to make our own combination of Homeo medicines for different ailments?
  • Basic introduction to Materia Medica & Repertony
  • Flower remedies
  • Bio – combination
  • Interaction, Case taking, revision & clarification